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Honista APK

📝 App NameHonista
📸 Last UpdatedOct 22, 2023
🔄 Version7.2
📱 RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
✅ File Size73.0MB
🏆 DeveloperHonista

The Honista APK is the latest version of this popular app. It offers users a better experience with more features. This upgrade fixes bugs and glitches from previous versions of the app. Download Honista and enjoy amazing features.

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Ghost mode

Anti Ads

In just a few years, the digital world has encountered a drastic change. We saw a huge change considering people while choosing the modes of representing their ideas and information or accepting them for any purpose. Nowadays, we usually want to know the end of something quickly. Short videos are the most convenient source for perceiving any information in a certain amount of time. And how can we forget Instagram in that manner?

Nowadays, the tendency of all the social media platforms are towards visuals more than texts, and their first preference is for a minimalistic way of showing data and information. In that way, Instagram Reels feature proved to be a boon by providing instant and precise service. You can easily customize your feed with the areas of your interest while availing the recommendation features as per your prior liked and saved posts or reels.

Despite several mind-blowing updates, there are still a few things which create inconvenience for the user. For example, there are still no downloading options for reels and posts, no privacy for secure messaging, and downloading their own stories before making it public. Due to this, people try to shift to the modified versions. If you’re also looking for a better modified version of Instagram with all the add-on feature options that you need, Honista MOD APK can be a blessing.

What is Honista MOD APK?

Switching from Instagram to a newer social media platform just for minor inconvenience wouldn’t be your approach. Here, we are providing you with a cure to all the lacking features and the matters generating inconvenience. Honista MOD APK is the modified version of Instagram developed by a group of brilliant third-party developers to overcome all the shortcomings.

It is designed as just a generic modification with the same codes, while adding a few scripts to it, being the most legal and authentic app which allows modded options. It’ll better help you to secure your user ID while proving the added beneficiaries as it contains the Anti-Ban Scripts ready to serve you the features while hiding the same from official parameters. However, you’ll also see a few features in there which would be marked to not being used frequently.

Honista APK

In this case, you can be secured while enjoying a plethora of modded options. There are various new possibilities added to the Honista MOD APK for you to approach what you desired before with Instagram. It allows you to download the videos in a single click without a usage of third-party downloader software, make customizations in the app interface, and get the privacy to the peak. It even secures the same storage size as the official app and uses different package names to help you use two accounts on the same device.

Why should you choose Instagram Mods over the official app?

There are so many limitations and shortcomings which restricts Instagram users from using the app in their desired way. In exception, the Insta Mods avail a few changes in the same app interface that glorify the vibes for users. There is always a fear hovering over you when you use such kinds of apps, but some official modifications don’t even let you worry about getting your user ID banned, neither temporarily nor permanently.

These mods assure you conquering such fears so that you can enjoy it as the regular app. As we see many other social media apps and platforms like Instagram, but we adore Instagram, there are various mods with the same name, but there is no other app like Honista MOD APK. Conquering all those glitches and restrictions we had on the official app, here we are with the modified version of the same app, fulfilling all the requirements.

You will not find anything more beneficial while simultaneously being authentic, like the Honista MOD APK. We give full swing to your entertainment journey with special features like chat locks, allowance to download any reel or posts straight to your phones. Advertisements are like those morning alarms which ruin your mood. Although, with these modified versions, you can enjoy the infinite scrolling without any interruption. Now you can distinguish official with Mods.


Honista MOD APK is one among immense Instagram Mods, but we love it majorly for the secret options allowed only to use on there. You can download the app right now and get a flow of those features, where you’ll see the hidden options such as activating pinch to zoom stories, showing reel captions in comments, and showing the mute button on the story page. There are more exceptional options as listed below:-

Download Story/Posts/Reels

Instagram offers multiple types of entertaining packets in the media extracts, where you can see the stories, posts, reels, and the highlights. You can explore them infinitely, and the algorithm automatically chooses the best content related to your watch history. But the only thing they lack is an option to download those media files. Unlike them, Honista MOD APK is there to allow you to download any story, post, or reel, and it can be done instantly by clicking a button.

Theme and UI

Multiple modified versions of Instagram were developed and asked for adding better themes and user interfaces, but nothing yet came into our eyes. The reason is just because we still haven’t met the Honista MOD APK. This modified version allows you to get the better content at a better user interface. You won’t just have the secret options, but can also change any single header, footer, color, adjustment, etc. on the interface. If you want simplicity, then you can go installing themes.

Privacy Options

When we’re using Instagram for messaging, privacy is a must. But not many people actually think in such a way, and others are querying daily to add the messaging and online status privacy options to the app. The modified version here allows you to get majorly helpful privacy options, including the Ghost Mode, where you can hide online status. After that, you can have messaging related privacy, where it’s possible to hide seen status, typing., recording…, etc.

Special Features

The app has pitched the interface with a renovate icon in the top-right corner, where you can find the Honista Settings. Inside these settings, there is a unique list for the special features where there are more than 30 unique special features only available for Honista users. Major features we liked on there were to copy comments, zoom post profile photo, video post autoplay, remove suggested posts, special story options, and an app lock on the toolbar.

Settings Backup

Honista MOD APK is not a simplistic Instagram mod, but it actually is a feature filled version, which includes more than a hundred different options. Also, the app gets updates as frequently as the official version, and adds more new additional options. In that case, you can’t update it directly from Google Play Store, and a reinstallation is required which deletes chosen settings. Don’t worry, as here you can back up all your settings to get the same back after updating it.

Not Following You

You just followed me, and I didn’t follow you. In this case, you have to look at the complete following list of mine finding for your profile. It sounds privacy centric, but what if we want to know that the profile we’re following actually follows us. Such cases require a unique and featured version of Instagram, and here we use the Honista app with banner reports. Whenever you open a profile that doesn’t follow you, it’ll be shown right above the follow button in words, Not Following You.

App Icons

We all need a kind of privacy on Instagram to stop others opening the app again and again once after they know the phone lock password. You won’t believe it, but I made my Instagram app look like a Flashlight app, and nowadays, no one opens it at all. Thanks to Honista, an app which offers you more than 25 different icons, within the secret ones like Calculator, Flashlight, Settings, Wi-Fi, and even Google.

Remove Ads

Instagram is an ad-free application in terms of having the on-screen banner and Google’s video advertisements. But it contains ads in a most annoying way. This protocol works uniquely; when you’re scrolling down the reals, your dopamine is waning higher, and suddenly a sponsored ad gets dropped. Similar things happen with posts, stories, and even highlights. In contrast, this Instagram Mod is free from online advertisements, neither sponsored, nor base.

Reduce Net Usage

This feature is asked a lot by many of the Instagram modders to be added, but no one yet worked on it. Instagram draws a lot of internet from our daily data package, and so it annoys many people recharging every day for add-on data after what they spent on the app. This thing won’t happen with this mod version, as it contains an option to reduce net usage. In this case, you can simply reduce the quality of posts, reels, and stories to gigantically reduce the data usage.

Zoom Story

Zooming to a post or a profile picture is available on Instagram, but you cannot zoom into anyone’s story if you like into, as the app didn’t provide you with any option for that. However, that won’t be a concern with the Honista MOD APK as it will allow you to pinch and zoom anyone’s story without even letting them know. If you want to use this feature, just open the Honista Settings, get to the Special features, scroll down, and enable the zoom story option.

Download Honista MOD APK latest version for Android

Experience Instagram in a new way with Honista APK, the modified version of the popular social media app. You can customize your Instagram experience to fit your tastes with more options and features.

🔄 Versionv7.2
✅ Size73.0 MB
📱 Available onAndroid 4.0+
🏆 App NameHonista
📸 Last updated1 Day ago
📝 GenreInstagram

If you’re finding it complex, follow the below few steps and download the Honista MOD APK with zero conflicts –

1.  Click the above download link, and it’ll redirect you to the official download page.

2.  Once you see the download page, find the Download button and click it ASAP.

3.  Afterward, allow for the permission to storage if you never downloaded anything before with your browser.

4.  Hit the Download button on a stock notification prompt down below the rename option.

Proceed with all the above steps one by one and download the modified version finally.

How to install on Android?

There are many unique Instagram mod apps with the same added beneficiaries, but trust me, Honista MOD APK has some promising features like no other apps. You can find it even more promising as it got developed most recently with the new-gen tactics to proffer you with the best while keeping your account safe simultaneously. All we need now is to install the app on our device, and that needs the below steps –

1. Use the above download section and download the APK file to your phone.

2. Launch a File Manager app, either stock or third-party.

3. Open the Downloads folder or any other if you have changed the download location before.

4. Navigate to the Honista APK file and click it.

5. Once you click it, it’ll show you a notification window with a Settings button (if you never installed an APK file before from this File Manager.)

6. Click the Settings button and enable the toggle for Unknown Installation.

7. Back to the File Manager app and click the Install button for Honista MOD APK.

Wait until the app gets installed on your device, and later you can go to the homepage, open the app drawer, and launch the Honista app anytime. This app would have a different icon from the official Instagram and can be installed while the official Instagram is already installed on your device.

User Reviews

We know it’s merely impossible to trust third-party apps these days for the sake of data safety and device authenticity. But there are some modded apps which are gorgeous in terms of features and simultaneously deliver you services like anti-ban to keep the account safe with data. One such app is Honista, and you can read the authentic user views given on this:

Sara: “Thought of this app to be another Instagram Mod with a download option until gone through the list of options. What the heck? I can now activate threads on Instagram, activate video trimmer, pinch to zoom on stories, and see captions on the reels. I think of it as a superpower, and me a superhero of Instagram with the Honista app.”

Mohit: “First had it as a reference by my friend, who drank the list of features in just one day. I thought about having a small try, and using it now for the 14th day ahead. Loved some features like the Ghost Mode as I’m a little introvert and just get online to see reels. No one sends unwanted messages nowadays, and I also had changed the App Icon and name of Calendar as its privacy rich and simple.”

Oriya: “I majorly use rooted phones for using modified apps, but since my phone dropped and broke, I’m looking for modded apps that work on unrooted ones. Honista was one of them I tried for the first time, and as I’m a customization freak, the app got many things for me. I can now change the complete app interface, including dark mode, chat background, emoji type, font styles, and even there are themes like WhatsApp. Simply, AWESOME…”


Is Honista MOD APK safe to use?

Modified app versions are safe to use until an instinct before it gets tracked by the official servers. Although, Instagram doesn’t affect the mod users much drastically, and the Honista app has been working for so long to make you trust its servers and features. Still, we’ll recommend you to use it, but less frequently with those additional features.

How to install themes in Honista MOD APK?

If you want to install themes on Honista MOD APK, you need to click the top-right cornered enhance icon and open the Honista Settings. Inside the Settings tab, tap UI and Themes section to get a list of themes available on the interface.

How is Honista MOD APK different from Instagram?

Honista is different from Instagram in various aspects, where you can see a larger number of privacy & security options in Honista with themes and app customizations. Whereas, Instagram just has the official old-gen features being an official approach to social media.

How to download Instagram Reels for free?

If you want to download Instagram Reels or posts, you need to get on the interface and first open the reel to download. Once you’re on there, find a download icon listed right there on the Reel interface and click that button. Soon, the video would get downloaded to your phone’s gallery. You can also change the download location from Honista Settings.

Can I copy comments and captions in Honista app?

Yeah, Honista app is one of the few Instagram modifications that allows you to copy comments as well as captions. Not just that, you can also see the captions on Instagram Reels which is even not allowable in most of the other mods.


We don’t think any other Instagram Mod can provide you with a list of Instagram Hidden options and special features as you get with Honista APK. At the same time, it provides you with the anti-ban facility, still you have to be careful while using it. They won’t provide any assurance of further risks, supposedly when your user ID would get detected as for using a third party Instagram software as per the official algorithms. Use hidden features less frequently and enjoy having a different Instagram experience. 

Honista APK

Honista is an awesome Instagram mod developed by the Honista Team! It's packed with advanced features that you won't find in the official Instagram App. Give Honista a download and enjoy all the amazing features it has to offer!

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 5.0

Application Category: Communication

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